Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Teasingly he replied, "But I have only cum once, and yet you have cum so many times, should I allow you to cum again?"

'Oh God yes! Uuh! Mmm. Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes!'

Mika changed his attack and turned his attention to her globes, kneading one and sucking the other. He bit into her nipple, Bethy screamed and squirmed in reply. The diversion worked perfectly. Mika took the opportunity to shift her attention. He was now firmly in control, positioned in between both her legs. Bethy knew it would be soon. Mica was positioning himself. It was hopeless; she was in the process of being fucked.

-Go on, she says, with a flat, matter-of-fact voice.

Rob only looked at me, not saying a word and placed his hand on her breast kissing her neck. She took my hand and slipped it up under her skirt. You can imagine my shock when I touched her pussy, she was not wearing panties and she was already incredibly wet. Her hand was rubbing my cock as she spread her legs to let me access her and her other hand was busy playing with Rob’s cock. I saw her pull his mouth to hers and watched her tongue enter his mouth in a deep French kiss. I was still mystified as to how this was happening but decided not to think about it and to just go with the flow.

I looked at my wife's pink pussy and stared at the droplet of white goo at the mouth of her hole. She saw me staring and said to me 'Lick it honey, clean that mess up that the other man made.' Her eyes shown bright and I knew that she had never been so horny in her life. I dropped my face close to her cunt and inhaled the sweet and sour smell of mingled cum. I allowed my mouth to wander close and stuck out my tongue to taste this other man's seed inside my wife's pussy. I licked her from her bottom to her clitoris and swallowed a large gulp of cum. It tasted like it smelled, salty and slightly sour, and was sticky and clung to the inside of my mouth. I licked her clean for several minutes and enjoyed the taste while she had another orgasm.

"Right here, baby," as she put her head into the cabin... "out of your coma, I see."

Connie thanked the young man for his time and left quickly. She wanted to get to her car before she started to cry. How would she get through Monday? Having her vagina stuffed was bad enough, but what would they do to her poor anus. Oh God she didn't want her anus stuffed, too. Connie cried all the way home. She completely forgot about Emily. Perhaps if she had remembered what would happen to Emily in a couple of hours, she would have felt better.

She liked the contrast between the deep, golden tan of his skin and the paleness of his slightly unkempt, sunbleached hair, and she liked watching the play of muscles across his back and arms as he donned the black-and-white striped shirt that Rick handed him.

"Tell me more"

No one was sure about the 'technique', or how she did it, but it was something to do with her fingers and hands. A magic touch, if you will. Almost everyone in the hospital figured that Raven would either be fired, or end up marrying one of the doctors. She was definitely a legend. And if her 'handi-work' wasn't enough, her body could handle anything that her hands couldn't.

"Fuck yes! I love it!" she yelled. She then looked up at the guy receiving the blowjob.

"Sorry mom, I'm going to be late," she stated, and headed out the door.

"Did you guys go into the video booths?" asked Becky.

Roy thought about it for a few minutes before he spoke again. "Martin, just how into this are you? Do you really want to get into group sex? Once you start it may change your whole life. Do you think you could watch Lynn having sex with some guy? Even still could you watch her suck another guys cock?"

He softly placed his fingers under her chin and raised her head. He looked into her eyes and softly brushed her tears away.

"Tell me what you want," she said again, then dropped her other hand down and started playing with his balls. Everything was happening so fast. Chris was completely lost in the sensations. Literally thirty seconds ago he'd been showering. Now Laura was giving him one of the best hand jobs of his life.

Sandy dust was a constant nuisance. It got into everything and was an unending source of irritation for eyes, noses and throats. Selena tried to start each morning clean and fresh, but within an hour or two, she always ended up being coated in a thick layer of grime. She gave up worrying about how she must look, since all the other emigrants were equally dirty.

“Then fulfil your whim, and maybe we can get this over with quickly.” Angel told him. Vamp glared at her. She wanted to confuse him, possibly anger him. She knew that if he were going to hurt her he would have already. She wanted him to leave again, storm off and leave her by herself. Vamp had other ideas.

"I'm gonna make a move mate."